Elephant Beach is among the most famous attractions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This intriguing shoreline is situated in Havelock island and one needs to take a ship to reach here. The all encompassing vistas of Elephant Beach will unquestionably make you experience passionate feelings for this tempting spot. It is one of the cleanest shorelines in India that offers a select encounter to voyagers searching for serene campaigns while holidaying in Andaman.

As the Elephant Beach is picking up ubiquity, you can take multi day outing to this shoreline alongside investigating the close-by shorelines, for example, Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, and Mangrove Forests. The shoreline draws drifters from over the landmass with its splendid coral reefs that can be seen at the profundity which is simply a meter shallow.

Elephant Beach likewise offers various water sports daring journeys including swimming, kayaking, angling, and significantly more! Peruse more to get subtleties on this staggering shoreline guaranteeing the most wonderful occasion with its completely clear sea water, and brilliant shorelines encompassed by rich green woodlands.

Best Time To Visit Elephant Beach

The best time to visit Elephant Beach relies upon the motivation behind your visit. This delightful shoreline situated in the hypnotizing Havelock Island is ideal to be investigated during winter, that is between December to February. The temperature runs between 19-26 degree Celsius during winter making it agreeable for touring. Regardless of whether you need to unwind by the tranquil spots on this shoreline or enjoy some water sports experience, an endeavor to Elephant Beach in winter will without a doubt make you accumulate a plenty of marvelous recollections.

Summer is very sweltering and muggy making it troublesome somewhat awkward for sightseers. In any case, rainstorm are astonishing here allow you to observe the all encompassing excellence of this serene Elephant Beach.

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Courageous Things To Do In Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach offers various charging exercises. Look at the most brave activities in Elephant Beach including swimming, trekking, scuba jumping, fun plunging, and significantly more!

1. Trekking

On the off chance that you feel that the most ideal approach to arrive at Elephant Beach is by means of pontoon then you are incorrect! The trekking trail is the most ideal approach to arrive at Elephant Beach as it is all around checked, protected and basic stroll of just 2 km. You may discover the pontoon administrators, expounding the dangers of this trek which is a piece of their business strategies. The beginning stage of this trek is situated in Radhanagar Beach, another hypnotizing shoreline in Havelock Island.

2. Restful Hours

You can have your very own time by unwinding at one of the most serene and unexplored shorelines of India. You can go through hours seeing the hypnotizing perspectives on dusk at Elephant Beach in the midst of the perfectly clear water and rich tropical backwoods. You can either unwind or have uncovered footed strolls here while looking the normal excellence of Andaman.

3. Swimming

On the off chance that you are holidaying in Andaman, at that point don't pass up a major opportunity the captivating swimming session at Elephant Beach. This is the most ideal approach to witness the lively and dynamic marine existence of Havelock Island. The enamoring perspectives on excellent and beautiful fish, swimming around the dazzling corals will most likely make you accumulate a couple of exceptional minutes.

4. Scuba Diving

Appreciate the stunning scuba jumping sessions at South Button as this is the most ideal approach to observe the energetic marine existence of Havelock Island. You can likewise take instructional exercises here before heading for the last jump or get regulated by the specialists while swimming in the midst of the wonderful and gigantic scope of corals here.

Spots To Visit Near Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is encompassed by various hypnotizing shorelines and backwoods. Following are the best places to visit close Elephant Beach for explorers holidaying in Andaman:

1. Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is one spot which you should not pass up if intending to go through hours at Elephant Beach. The entrancing excellence of Radhanagar shoreline is granted by rumored travel stages including Time Magazine, and Tripadvisor. This staggering shoreline pulls in guests with its enrapturing sights of dusks. You can likewise snatch some neighborhood delights here and unwind by the shoreline, away from the hustle of the city life.

Good ways from Elephant Beach: 2.2 km

Most ideal approach to reach: Boat and trek

2. Kalapathar Beach

Probably the littlest shorelines of Andaman, Kalapathar shoreline is named after the quiet town Kalapathar which is situated in Havelock Island. You can look the life of locals busy with their ceremonies while investigating this shoreline. The shoreline is very dazzling and encounters a marvelous climate where you can walk and appreciate the cool wind in the midst of the perfectly clear water and lushes of encompassing timberlands.

Good ways from Elephant Beach: 10.8 km

Most ideal approach to reach: Boat

3. Govind Nagar Beach

Govind Nagar Beach is another tranquil shoreline of Havelock island that is picking up ubiquity nowadays. This tranquil shoreline is a joy for voyagers searching for a quiet and quiet escapes from the hustling city life. Do design an outing to this shoreline on the off chance that you are keen on putting in a couple of serene relaxed hours.

Good ways from Elephant Beach: 7.3 km

Most ideal approach to reach: By street or pontoon

4. Mangrove Foreste

Andaman is very popular for its Mangrove Forests and one such timberland is situated in closeness to Elephant Beach. The mangrove backwoods of Havelock Island are very acclaimed for their bright and dynamic vegetation and has been pulling in voyagers. You can go for a woods safari to encounter the best of these mangrove backwoods.

Good ways from Elephant Beach: 1.5 km

Most ideal approach to reach: By street

Versatile network is an issue on this island, so lean toward the properties, cafés and clubs having 24×7 wifi offices.

As you would enjoy water sports exercises, remember to convey your fundamental and standard drugs.

Lean toward visiting the shoreline in early hours as the whole Elephant Beach closes somewhere near 4:00 PM.

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